Lighting of room is a very important aspect in room decor. Light gives an aura to the room and also becomes a necessity. It changes the mood and perceived size of the room. Depending on how you place the lights, the sizes of lights used and the color of the light you choose to decorate the room changes the entire look of the room and defines the space in the room. A correct proportion of all these aspects make the room look more spacious and vibrant.


Natural lighting:


It is obvious that natural lighting is the most beautiful form of lighting and one of the most critical as well. It utilizes skylights, windows and other open spaces and open designs to let the beam of sun to glance into your room. It is again dependent on the changing weather, the time of the day and the direction of the room. Natural light not only saves electricity but also serves the purpose similar to that of artificial lighting. Alterations can be done on the proportion of natural light entering your room by altering the window types, color and shades of the curtains.


Artificial lighting:


It is easier to make adjustment with the artificial lighting as compared to the natural lighting. One has to understand the right placement and adjustment of artificial lights to make the room look pleasant and warmer.


Ambient lighting:


It is one of the most effective forms of artificial lighting and could generally be found mounted on a ceiling to provide a broad glow to the room. Other types of ambient lighting could be recessed; wall sconce or floor lamps and all come with a variety of adjustments. They generally come with an objective of providing uniform illumination throughout the room.


Task Lighting:


The main motive of this kind of lighting is focused on utility. It is mainly used in cooking, reading, make up etc. Task lighting is prominent on kitchen counter tops and desk surfaces. Reading lamps is also an example of task lighting. They are ideal when the requirement is more on functionality rather than over all room illumination.


Accent or object lighting:


Serving similar role as that of task lighting, Accent lighting focuses on adding light or highlighting a specific feature of a room. People might have a creative art work or photos placed on wall that they desire to highlight. Wall- mounted directional lights best serve this purpose of highlighting artwork or other hangings.




They are a kind of artificial lighting. They provide something extra than just lighting your room. They come in various sizes and designs all set up to dazzle anyone who views it. They create an aura in a room. While selecting a chandelier for your rooms choose the one that is a right fit for your room rather than submerging the beauty of the room. It is ideal to choose a non-traditional color like smoky brown, black crystal or teal for a stunning effect.



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