A bathroom is a place that defines the house and people staying in the house.No doubt a bathroom has many utility and people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. An ideal urban bathroom has lots of accessories to provide an exotic feeling. There are a lot of things that a perfect bathroom needs but if it’s not possible to arrange for all of them. Here are a few that should not be neglected.



A mirror is a must for every urban bathroom since they have versatile uses. Mirror also enhances the look of your bathroom giving it a more sophisticated look. One needs to be very selective while choosing the mirror. It should match the color and theme of your bathroom. It is ideal to choose a mirror that has plastic edges apart from the wooden edges in order to keep your mirror damp free. It should be of appropriate size in order to fit in the space available in your bathroom. There are many patterns available in the market to choose from now a days. Here are few mirrors to choose from depending on the type of bathroom you have.

  1. Framed mirror: This is one basic type of mirror. They come in wide variety of styles and designs. You can select your own mirror depending on your bathroom style.
  2. Lighted mirror: There are a few kind of lighted mirror available in the bathroom that has in-built lighting which is perfect for contemporary bathroom. It is ideal when your bathroom does not have sufficient lighting.
  3. Vanity mirror: They are popularly known as make-up mirror. It gives a dressing table like feel in the bathroom. It is mostly double sided and has a magnifying mirror on one end.
  4. Ledge mirror: They are also known as shadow boxes. It has in built storage space that could hold the bathroom essentials like the soaps and beauty products.
  5. Frame-less mirrors: It is the one without the frames and has buffed edges. It is ideal when you want to maintain the minimalist look in your bathroom.
  6. Venetian mirrors: These mirrors have beautiful designs etched on the borders of the mirror and it gives a feminist look to the bathroom.


Shower curtains:

Shower curtains are in great demand now a days. Shower curtain is a focal point of any bathroom so it is ideal to choose an attractive one. Shower curtains come in a variety of colors and patterns. So you can choose your own desired one. You can find variety in the rings that you use for your shower curtains as well. The rings could come in metallic, wooden or fiber material.


 Get your hardware on the same page:

When there are a lot of metallic items used in your room then try to keep it the same when you are planning to add up new things. Since it will give a theme to your bath room. Now you can spend on shelving, shower curtains rings, towel rods and toilet paper holders that look similar and gel well with each other. Similarly if you have used more of ceramics on these areas then try to maintain the ceramic look.


Upgrade your bath mat:

A solid bath mat is mandatory in your bathroom since it prevents you from slipping. So pick up a one that looks cozy and attractive and gives you comfort once you step out of shower. You can even choose a bath mat that has nice quotation on it or has unique floral patterns depending on your choice.

 Types of bath mat:

  •  Foam mat: Foam mat easily absorb the water and can be squeezed to dry.They are generally soft on the feet.
  • Anti slip bath mat: They are ideal for old age people for whom slipping off on wet floor could be a serious problem. 
  • Towels cotton washable Bath mat: They are generally made out of towels. They are absorbent as well as easy to wash. They are also nice and nubby on feet.
  • Wooden bamboo mat: Although they are not that absorbent as compared to the fabrics but are ideal for outdoor showers or bathroom with central drainage. Furthermore they give clean stylish look to bathroom.


    It is ideal to invest on towels that are comfortable and adorable. There must be at least two kinds of towels in a bathroom, one for bathing purpose and the other one for wiping your hand after using the wash basin. Towels also come in a variety of colors and patterns and quality. Towels that are absorbent, soft and soothing to eyes are the choices of almost all users.

There are different types of bath towel material.

  1. Bamboo bath towels
  2. Egyptian bath towels
  3. Micro fiber bath towels
  4. Organic cotton bath towels.
  5. Pima cotton bath towels
  6. Turkish cotton bath towels
  7. Combed cotton bath towels
  8. Ring spun cotton bath towels.



It is one of the basic necessities in every bathroom. Whether you want to toss off a wet towel or want to keep used clothes for washing later, hampers tend to be ideal. Although they have utilitarian purpose they do not mean that they cannot be attractive. There are many hampers you will find in any corner that has very attractive art work or design. Moreover it is better to keep separate hampers for wet towels and dry used clothes. The benefit is that your dry clothes won’t get wet till the day you have planned to wash them.

There are different types of laundry hampers

  1. Tilt out laundry hamper: It is ideal for your bathroom since it looks like a good piece of furniture. The front end opens to display a laundry collection bin and even helps in unloading clothes for the laundry day. They come in a variety of color patterns and cabinet styles to suit your needs and could range from contemporary to traditional.
  2. Upright closed Laundry hamper: It comes in the category of traditional form of hamper. It is usually rectangular and takes a small space in bathroom.  The lid prevents the dirty laundry from coming in display.
  3. Sorting hampers: They generally come with different sections to sort the laundry. There could be sections for dark color, light color and hand wash and dry wash. This saves time in the washing day as you do not again have to sort the clothing.



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