Kitchen means a lot in every house. It is the place where the most exotic food is cooked. Modular kitchens are now a simple example of how much importance people place on their kitchen.

Kitchen now  a day’s  are no more the traditional clumsy looking place in our house but have become a center of attraction with all modern equipment’s organized in a proper manner to give it a particular theme. This is what we call now a day’s as a modular kitchen.

Modular kitchens are breathtaking to look at but it is not an easy job to get it installed. You have to understand a lot of technical aspect before getting a modular kitchen ready for you house.

Here are some factors that you need to understand and pay importance to:


Kitchen cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets are a must for modular kitchen as they not only save space but also give a fancy look to a kitchen. They are generally mounted on the wall or placed on the floor area. It is ideal for the upper part of the modular kitchen to have fewer cabinets as it gives a more spacious look. The upper cabinets are perfect for storing rarely used items such as dinner sets, glass ware items and fancy cutlery. The lower cabinets are for heavy items like utensils.

One needs to consider the material to be used for designing kitchen cabinets. They should be termite proof and does not get damped and swell up due to moisture. Another aspect to consider is that the wall should hold up the load of the kitchen cabinets.



Utensil organizer:

A lot and varieties of utensils are used while cooking our exotic recipes. When there are no utensil organizer in our modular kitchen then our utensils will look piled up making our kitchen clumsy. Utensil organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and furthermore the material used in manufacturing them varies a lot. They could be drawers, or cabinets with hooks to hang them. Some even come in open door cabinet with different design inside meant for different utensils. The material could be wood, plastic or stainless steel. It is better to choose stainless steel utensil organizer as it is strong and does not get affected by moisture.



Lights for Kitchen:

When you put so much effort in designing your modular kitchen then you will definitely not skip the lighting aspect.Kitchen lights serve a lot of purposes. Apart from just lighting your kitchen it even gives an aura to your modular kitchen.



There are a variety of lights to choose from such as:


Fluorescent light: They produce less heat and keep your kitchen cool and apart from that they last really long.

Incandescent light: They give crisp white light and blend easily with the surroundings. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

Kitchen task lighting: These lights are ideal when you are focusing on a particular area such as above your kitchen sink or above the cooking area. This will enhance your visibility when you are doing a particular task.

Accent kitchen lighting: This light is perfect when you want to highlight any particular area of your kitchen.


Mini bar or bar desk:

Mini bar or bar desk add an essence of class to your modular kitchen. It is ideal when someone comes in your house that is fond of drinking. There are several types of mini bars or bar desks available in the market such as one made out of pure teak wood, plywood mini bar. They even come in different sizes fitting the space available in your kitchen. But since they store inflammable items like alcohol, wine, rum and beer they should be kept away from cooking area. They should even be kept away from areas that remain frequently heated up.



Decorative and artifacts:

In order to make your modular kitchen look more attractive you can actually make a small shelf where you can keep a small Feng-Shui lucky plant and a decorative crockery item. You can also keep a souvenir and a flower vase. This will work on your aesthetics part  for your kitchen.



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