Office space has been a matter for concern a decade’s back with fast urbanization and high charges of renting an office space. On the contrary working in a small office does not necessarily mean you have to quit on functionality and comfort. The trick is to follow some simple steps that will help you transform your small clumsy office into a much comfortable and aesthetically pleasing one. Here are a few tips on how you can make your office look spacious without making too many compromises.




Make the room clutter free:



It is ideal to not have too much of items in a small area. Limiting the number of items in a room allows the room to look more spacious since there is sufficient space to move around. The items that are not of any use such as the old magazine, coffee table in the middle of the room, used up old papers, unwanted files etc should be removed in order to make the room look more spacious.


Use an attention grabber:


It is ideal to have an attention grabber facing the front door of the room. The trick behind this concept is that if the visitor’s eyes are glued to the attention grabber, they will barely let their eyes wander around the room. But having too many attention grabbers in a room can cause distraction so just have one. These attention grabbers could be a beautiful piece of art such as a painting or a craft item or a large souvenir.





Colors can have magical affect:


It is ideal to paint the office space with bright colors like white, beige, light green or yellow since it creates an illusion of a larger office area. Moreover the walls and the roof should have bright patterns of colors on them. When sufficient amount of light filters into the office space and falls on these brighter shades it makes the room look spacious. Moreover bright colors are perfect for recharging your employees’ mood on a chilly boring day.




Go for symmetry:


It is not surprising that people may be distracted and think about getting different pieces of furniture having different shapes and patterns. The main reason behind avoiding this idea as suggested by experts is that it will make the room look clumsy, squeezed and unorganized. It is ideal to choose matching furniture as it will make the room look more spacious. Even if a piece of furniture breaks down go for getting a similar piece.



Organize the cables:


Cables that are running loose not only make your office look congested but also put your employees safety levels at risk. The only solution is to either organize the cables or look for wireless solutions wherever possible. It will make the office look neater, tidier and functional.



Prefer office cabinets:


In order to make the office area look more spacious one should prefer cabinets in the office. Cabinets are ideal for storing the files and stationery items that are of no current use which would otherwise lie on table tops making the room cluttered. But while choosing the cabinets go vertical, prefer those units that extend from bottom up to the ceiling. This saves a lot of space horizontally and you can make space for other furnishing items.




Sign up for cloud storage:


Now with the advancement of technology you can keep your documents safe in a cloud computing platform. Hence there are no worries about storing the information in paper files and thus eliminating the display of files on desks and tables that makes the space clumsy. By storing your information on cloud platform it is easy to retrieve more secure and there is less consumption of office space.





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