There is no doubt that bathroom and kitchen are the important aspects when someone thinks of renovating their house. But after all it is the living room which tops the priority list being the entrance of our house.

Since living room is the first room that introduces us to the guests. So its surrounding should reflect the personality of the people dwelling in the house.

No doubt budget is an issue for most of us but we obviously don’t want to settle for something cheap and unpleasant.

So here are few tips that will help you make your living room look livelier.



Choose your color theme:

Bright color shades like yellow, beige or light blue can be used to make the room look spacious. One can go for wall papers of same color. Once the room is painted you can hang some of your family portraits or photographs that you have treasured as memories. These help you build much stronger family bonds.

While if you want to give your room a rich royal look as the ones that a boutique hotel has then you can go for darker shades like the burgundy, navy blue and slate grey. These themes won’t cost you much since most of the paint brands do a great job without burning a hole in your pockets. Wall papers of nice patterns are also available on the same color themes that are cheap as well.



Revamp the lighting system:

Replace the boring ceiling light bulbs or tube lights with something fancy such as a chandelier or pendant lights. These do not only creates the aura but are far better from the age old lighting system. Some of these beautiful chandeliers will catch up your guests’ attention and give you a luxurious feel and are also easy on your pockets.



Arrange your room around a great Rug:

A stylish geometric rug recreates your living room. It not only pulls all the pieces of interiors together but also makes the room feel complete. It is ideal if you arrange the furniture pieces around the rug. When you want to give a more chic and luxurious look to your living room then go for a range of cushions. One thing that should be kept in mind before choosing a rug is the dimension of the room.



 Choose long curtains:

Long ceilings are ideal for living room and add an element of glamour but since a house is already made, so you can do nothing about the ceiling. There is one simple trick that you can use to make your ceiling look taller. Long curtains could be hung to replicate the effect. It is ideal for curtains to start from the height of the ceiling and touch the bottom of the floor. These long curtains draping the floor are also a symbol of grandeur and luxury.



Different textures could be delightful:

It is advisable to choose an all range of material from leather, metal, wool, tweed, woven cotton rugs and glass to add an element of versatility to your living room. A coffee table is a must and should be placed at the center although it’s not mandatory to make it fancy but a nice pair of porcelain vases will definitely stand out.



Importance of fragrance in bringing good energy:

Fragrance plays an ideal role in any room. Surely your guest would not like to sit in a smelly stinking room. No matter your living room is smelling or not but you can add an element of fragrance either by placing a scented oil lamp that will not only release a soothing scent but also create a peaceful and relaxing aura that will relax your mind. One can also place a huge glass bowl filled with water in the center of the room and then place scented floating candles on the water to create magical effect.




They are an ideal way to decorate your living Room. You can either place an antique watch or hang a large scale art which becomes the focus of attention for the guests. You can also keep a large statue of Buddha at the center of the living room which symbolizes tranquility in your house and create a peaceful aura. While if you want to give your living room a chic and dramatic look you can hang a fancy modern painting at the main wall.




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