Monsoons come with fun and enjoyment. There are some folks who spend quality time with their loved ones, while some fun loving ones go out getting drenched in rain.

It is a lovely moment watching the blissful drops of rain while sipping a cup of coffee on your balcony. No wonder monsoons are always enjoyable and pleasant but for our precious furniture’s they are the real nightmares.


So here are some tips to maintain our furniture in monsoon.

The Basics:


It is advisable to keep your furniture at a distance from your doors and windows so that the raindrops do not come in contact of the furniture as it could dampen and damage the furniture. Garden chairs should be bought inside as the rain could lead to chipping off the paints from the chair. Plastic chairs could be kept outside if it is that necessary as they do not get damaged so easily.


 Keep your furniture dry:


It is recommended to use camphor or Naphthalene balls as they absorb moisture from the furniture.Moisture content present in wood could lead to  softening of the wood and fading up of shine and lustre of wood.  Furthermore the camphor balls prevent termites, carpenter ants, and powder-post beetles from creeping in. These insects take no time to cause permanent damage to your furniture.


 Keep furniture away from walls:


It is a good practice to keep your furniture away from wall as the wall easily absorbs the moisture and in turn could dampen your furniture leading to the softening of your furniture. Further more the moisture transferred  on to your furniture could lead to fading up of it’s rich color and glossiness. It could even lead to the growing of fungus on the furniture.


 Keep your furniture waxed and oiled:


Wooden furniture’s tend to absorb the moisture and in turn swell up during monsoon. So it’s not surprising to find the drawers and doors to get stuck up while opening or closing them. There are a lot of furniture polishes like Bees wax furniture polish, Leather furniture conditioner, and Dark oak furniture wax. etc. which could be ideal in applying on wood in-order to prevent them from swelling up during monsoon.


 Keep your room clean:


When the house is clean then the moisture level in the room is less making it ideal for your precious furniture. Air conditioners can be a perfect choice for de-humidifying the moisture from your rooms and prevent the fungus on woods from growing. Always use a dry piece of cloth to wipe away the dust from your furniture instead of using a wet one.



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