Having an open space in the home is always a boon. It gives you an opportunity to stay connected with the nature while spending some amazingly memorable time with family and friends. It is always a great idea to have a beautiful outdoor garden, balcony, veranda, terrace or any outdoor space in the home to enjoy morning tea or evening coffee with the loved ones.Renovate or decorate the veranda to spend quality time and relax with the family under the stars or meditate in the coolness of morning sun.

A lot can happen over coffee

Veranda or open space of the house unleashes your imagination. It encourages you to think out of the box and create something as unique as your personality. Turn your dream into a reality with a little effort and loads of creativity. Pamper the floor for the dramatic effect, book a table for two, secure the privacy with vertical garden and then open the shady umbrella to keep the sun out. Select the plants thoughtfully to bring in the real essence of nature right at your doorstep.

In the lap of nature

Enhance those comforting relaxing moments with the serenity of greenery all around the veranda . You can go for the perennial plants or select the colourful seasonal ones to keep it fresh and fragrant. Cover it with hatched roof to stay connected with the memories of old village homes. It will really help you to relax and enjoy the nature even in the long and harsh Indian summers. Make it party-perfect with some innovative design ideas and comfortable furniture. And then complete the décor with illumination perfect to spend many romantic evenings with loved ones.

Step out in style 

Small or big, the size of the veranda cannot limit your imagination. If you want, you can create a landscape even within a limited space. The whole floor is there to play with. Well planned and executed garden  in the veranda will be inviting and alluring.  Lush green lawn, herbs and shrubs or formal trimmed plants… be experimental and then bind it all with pebbles to make it informally beautiful.
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