A bedroom is a place where a child loves to be most of the times as they can do all funky things they can possibly think of over there. A bedroom apart from serving as a place to sleep for your kid, it is their places to play, study, jump around, dance and have fun.

Designing a kid’s bedroom is not an easy task. Since their taste and preferences changes very soon as they grow up. Here are some tips to design a kid’s bedroom.




It is ideal to paint the walls with neutral colors as they serve as a canvas for decorative items to be hung across. Wall papers could also create magical effects but should be used within a limit, restricting it to one wall or ceiling only. Since the kid’s taste changes as they grow up and they may demand for a change.





Storage cabinets:

There is no wonder that your kids will demand toys as they pass every corner store. So if you don’t want your child’s rooms to be littered with toys on floor then get prepared to buy a storage cabinet. There are many options to choose from but keeping your child’s interest in mind is a must. The storage cabinet’s looks should match with the theme of the bedroom but most importantly it should be a fun thing and keep your child amused. Now you can coolly buy your child every super hero or Barbie doll they demand.


Art and decorative items:

It is ideal to decorate your child’s bedroom with some fancy decorative pieces such as creative puzzle stickers or the stickers of their favorite super hero or a wonder car. One could even place a fancy lamp piece on the table which could both serve the purpose as a study lamp and even lighting the room. These small beautiful pieces of art could actually arouse creative interest in your child.





Layers of light:

Lights play a vital role in decorating your child’s bedroom. There are different types of lights available in the market and each playing a different role in helping your child in day to day activity. There are fairy lights that create a cozy environment. Task lights such as lamps serve the purpose of reading. The soothing light that comes from a beautiful source could help your child fall asleep in night if they are afraid of complete darkness.




Soft Furnishing:

Soft furnishing such as rugs, curtains and bed linen are also important element of kid’s bedroom. Rugs serve the purpose of cleaning the feet before going to bed. Curtains and bed linen filled with cartoons or puzzles not only serve their general purpose but also amuse the child. Cushions are an element of comfort in the kid’s room. Big cushions resembling a soft toy are both the companion to fall asleep and to play with in free time.






Ideal Bed:

There is no limit to how much a child is attached to his bed and having a fancy bed is every child’s dream. So there are many options to choose depending upon your adorable child’s preference. Such as the bed that resembles a tent house since the kids are very fond of camping. Apart from the tent you can add upon some natural look to their bedroom like the artificial moon or star lights. There are also other options like a bed resembling a fancy doll house for your girl child and a bed that resembles a fancy car for your boy child.




Secret passage to enter their secret room:

Kids are very fond of mysteries and fairy tale so you can create a secret passage in your child’s room which could be an entrance to their cozy place to play. Let only some family members know this and you will definitely love the moment when your child will surprise others, especially their friends.





Hanging chairs:

Any child will love this concept of hanging chairs since kids are fond of swings and obviously they would not have to wait to go out to play in parks. Kids could sit in the hanging chair and read their fairy tale or favorite comic book. They can sit and fall asleep while feeling tired cuddling their favorite soft toy.























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