When we dream of an ideal bedroom we want it to be luxurious, cozy, comfortable and spacious.

We dream that our ideal bedroom should be full of comforts like the ones we have stayed in a luxurious hotel. We visualize our ideal bedroom to be no less than a private oasis where we can spend quality time with our loved ones. But due to rapid ongoing urbanization our room size has been limited. Now days it’s difficult to find a large bedroom and obviously a large house without digging a hole in our pockets.

Although the thought of owning a large bedroom may not sound feasible for most of us but it also does not mean that you have to compromise with your comforts.

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So given below are few tips on making your room look spacious without compromising on comfort.


Bed placement is crucial:

There is no doubt that bed is the most crucial thing of your bedroom and one of the largest pieces of furniture. So undoubtedly one need to think a lot about its placement in order to make the bedroom look spacious and cozy. It is ideal to try different arrangements and find out which one suits your room the most. You should also consider the placement of your window and other outlets before considering the placement of bed.




Keep your bed low to the ground:

There is no doubt that folk’s love high ceiling bedroom. But not everyone is that lucky to get a house having a high ceiling. So an ideal way to trick the eyes is to go for low height furnishings like a platform bed that is just few inches above the floor.A low platform bed also gives you enough space to put shelves above the bed wall.



Look for storage opportunities under your bed:

When you have large beds with huge cabinets in it and you can do nothing about the bed. Then go for making use of the underneath cabinets in your bed for storing things that are not in current use. This is an ideal way to De-clutter your room. There are many things that looks piled up in a room like some old magazines or books that you have used in past to clear your exams. All these stuffs can be stored inside these wooden cabinets.




Cushions are always ideal for our bedrooms since it gives a luxurious look and are an element of comfort. Choosing cushions to be placed in the chair or alongside the bed will give you a cozy feeling and a comfort while sleeping. Further more if right color patterns are chosen then it will make the room vibrant, comfortable and spacious.



Wall papers:

Wall papers are new on trend and are ideal for the bedroom walls. It is wise enough to choose bright color wallpapers like the one of yellow, beige and light blue since it will make the room look spacious. But do not forget to put a darker shade wall paper at one wall else it will limit the coziness of the room. Wall papers come in different patterns and are a better choice than the traditional paints.




One of the vital aspects of your bedroom is curtain since curtains not only serve the need of privacy. But also make the bedroom look complete. Furthermore when your house doesn’t have a high ceiling then the curtains can create an illusion of high ceiling. This can be done when the curtains are hung along the whole length from the ceiling till the floor.



Make the room clutter free:

People often have a habit of making the room cluttered. Storing all unnecessary stuffs around like piling up the unnecessary cushions that are old enough to be discarded. Some folks even keep the age old novels they have read which makes the bed table cluttered. So it is wise enough to remove the unwanted stuffs from your bedroom or if you are too much attached with your belongings then hide it somewhere. This makes the room look spacious and pleasant.



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